For Students

Orton Gillingham (O-G) is a structured, multi-sensory approach to teaching spelling, reading, grammar, and written expression for students who struggle to read due to language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Visit to learn more about Orton Gillingham.  Jennings is a member of the Academy of Orton Gillingham Practitioners and Educators at the Fellow level.  

Jennings is also a Certified Math Trainer for Orton Gillingham International.  This approach utilizes the explicit, systematic, multi-sensory approach associated with O-G while teaching the concepts of mathematics to students who benefit from more concrete explanations. Math tutoring is currently only available as an add-on service for existing clients receiving Orton Gillingham reading and writing services.

Tutoring sessions occur at a minimum of twice weekly for 45-60 minutes per session.  


Initial Reading and Spelling Evaluations are available for clients as well as those seeking more information about their child's reading profile.  Reading and Spelling Evaluations include 45-90 minutes of testing, a parent interview, a comprehensive written report, as well as a consultation including recommendations and potential next steps. 

Additionally, Jennings offers consultations regarding school placement, school services, and navigating the IEP process. Please contact Jennings for more information.

For Professionals & Organizations

Jennings offers several professional development opportunities for teachers and tutors.  These include courses on Orton Gillingham Multi-Sensory Math, traditional Orton Gillingham for reading & spelling development, grammar, and building comprehension skills in students with disabilities. 

Jennings is also available to speak at outreach or community events and conferences focused on building awareness and knowledge about our students with learning disabilities.